Send professional emails without writing!

Emails are important. But, not all emails necessarily need to be written. Cortal is a hassle free tool to make your communication just right! Ensure error emailing via a seamless tool, spearheaded by CompuBrain, with which you can send, control and monitor all your outgoing emails.

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There’s always a motive to achieve something – offer a deal, make an impression, network or solve business problems – when you send an email. But, more importantly, it is necessary to keep the right amount of tone in your message that you want to convey in your mail.


A smart tool to personify, simplify and automate drafting of emails been sent via a company or an individual.

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There are not more than 100 types of emails that your company is writing

Email has long been a core tool for business communications, but according to a survey it was found out that it causes tension, confusion, or other negative consequences for 64 percent of working professionals.

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Write emails with your mouse. Yes, it’s possible with Cortal!

Cortal will help you to automize drafting of emails. The idea is to bring a full stop on the conventional practices of starting an email with 'Dear' and concluding it with 'Best wishes' or 'Regards'. It is a quintessential tool to standardize a format for all kind of company emails.


Keep a track on all the emails been sent from your domain.

Cortal is an originative tool scrupulously curated to analyse outgoing mails

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Bring an end to the email errors that usually yield to miscommunication.

With Cortal, the chances of miscommunication are very scarce as you have readymade drafts available that are usually copy pasted or been drafted over and over again. By that means, there will always be a pre-set quality check to all your out-going mails.

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Cortal, a smart tool to write emails!